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2KM is one of the leading names in metering, mixing and dispensing of single or multi-component fluid materials. Specialisation in the processing of Polyurethane, Epoxy Resin, Polyester, Methacrylate, Polysulphide and Silicone materials of all viscosities for almost every application.

Engineering expertise, long standing experience and personalised approach make 2KM your perfect partner.


The PolyMix series is prefect for processing High Viscosity materials

1. PolyMix 100
2. PolyMix 400
3. PolyMix 1000/2000
4. PolyMix 9020/9220
5. PolyMix 1900

We have developed the SilcoStar range for the processing of Silicone (LSR)

1. SilcoStar 902E/922E
2. SilcoStar 904/924
3. SilcoStar 950
4. SilcoStar E-Flow
5. SilcoStar 1950

The PGM range is mostly designed for Low Viscosity materials

1. PGM 101, 102
2. PGM 301
3. PGM 320
4. PGM 520
5. PGM 720
6. PGM Gel Coat
7. PGM Laminat
8. PGM Silicone

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