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Dr. BOY GMBH & CO KG, Germany is the world’s leading manufacturer of injection moulding machines up to 125 tons clamping force.
Between clamping forces 6.5 tons and 125 tons, Dr.Boy offers a modular range of high energy efficient hybrid servo two platen machines to cover a wide variety of applications.

The technology is supplemented by excellent support services from Karan Engineers right from the first inquiry through to final delivery & Installation including training...
With a Technical center located near Mumbai and a nationwide, customer-oriented after-sales service network, we are able to provide customers with the knowledge base of benefiting from German Technology.

Applications -

1. Micro Component Thermoplastics

2. LSR applications

3. Solid Silicone Molding.

To be updated soon...

4. MIM Molding.

5. Rubber Injection Molding machines.

6. Thermoset Molding

7. Two shot injection units

8. 3D printing & Molding applications.

To be updated soon...

9. Insert Molding vertical injection machines.

Guangdong Kaiming Engineering Co.Ltd. is one of the largest enterprise in China, specializing in producing Plastic Injection Machine. Besides the old company in Nanhai District, now Kaiming has another new and larger one in Sanshui District. This new gardenlike company is big, covering an area of two hundred thousand square meters.
In this new company, there are workshops for precision ductile iron casting (The productivity is up to 50T per unit and 3000T per month.), largesize components processing (It can process components reaching 50 Tons in weight, 5 Meters both in length and width.) and heavy Plastic Injection Machine installing up to 100T.
This high technology company Kaiming Company concentrates all its efforts on Plastic Injection Machine’s research, design, development and production. By introducing and learning technology from the developed countries, such as Europe, America and Japan, combining with our Chinese own actual conditions, our technical innovation has been proven and awarded by the National Patent after years of continual study. Recently, we have already innovated Servo-pump Injection Machine(KX Series), 2-Color-Machine(KSS Series), 2-Platen-Machine(KS Series) and large size Series like 3500 T.
As well as the above four series, we Kaiming has produced Kaloumen Series whose yearly productivity is over 15000 units. As to the range of clamping force and shot volume, they are respectively from 60T to 3500T and 40 Grams to 50000 Grams.
Visit us for more details : http://www.km-machine.com.cn